Nomos One

Lease management, lease accounting and contract management software

Revolutionising the automation of lease accounting

Nomos One provides world-class, IFRS 16 compliant, lease management and lease accounting software to hundreds of clients operating in a wide range of industries all around the globe. With the new International Financial Reporting Standard on Leasing (IFRS 16/AASB 16) now effective in Australia and New Zealand, lessees should consider investing in automated
software to achieve compliance. Pronto customers can read more about the software and sign-up for a persoalised demo below.

Your end-to-end lease portfolio software

Nomos One is an all-in-one software for your businesses lease accounting, lease management and contract management needs. 

Our software consolidates your lease portfolio ensuring one global source of truth. Previously siloed data can be accessed efficiently by teams and departments for their own requirements, eliminating the need to jump between multiple softwares.

We help clients of all sizes to streamline their onboarding process so you can hit the ground running with Nomos One.

 Automated reminders and calculations

 Fully customisable data fields & reports

Intuitive data-entry wizard for greater efficiency

IFRS 16 compliance

IFRS 16 compliance with confidence

We’ve worked with chartered accountants who live and breathe IFRS 16 to design a world-class IFRS 16 compliant module that’s been tested against over 100 scenarios provided by global accounting firms. It’s intuitive, customisable and generates everything you need for reporting.

Auditors around the globe introduce Nomos One to their clients and we can see why – when it comes to IFRS 16 we have you completely covered.

 All three transition approaches with comparison reporting
Complete history of a lease
 Journal entries (monthly, weekly, annual or customisable periods eg, 4-4-5 reporting)
 Draft balance sheets, depreciation and interest schedules, and more.

Discover the benefits of using Nomos One

Lease Accounting

The IFRS 16 module supports all three transition approaches and automatically calculates right-of-use assets and lease liability across your portfolio.

Lease Management 

Event tracking, automated reminders, custom fields and reports, a personalised dashboard and compliance wizard will transform the way you manage your portfolio.

Contract Management 

Unlimited storage and custom fields and reports make Nomos One the perfect place to store all of your lease agreements and general contracts.