10 Years of Nomos One


Having been founded roughly a year prior, Nomos One goes live on the 1st of October, servicing six clients. The product is focused on assisting lawyers with their clients’ leases, and being able to view when a lease event is coming up.


As the team expands, we shift offices and move into a converted night club! Our start-up era truly begins, accompanied by Swiss balls, puzzle corners, and mini scooters.



Having shuffled through a few changes to the software, we launch version four and shift our clients to it near the end of the year. 


In true start-up fashion, we try to shake up the status quo by creating our own Deed of Lease. Our team came up with some rather novel clauses, such as an earthquake clause.


During these few years, we realised the importance of lease management not just for lawyers, but for tenants themselves – the companies that hold the leases. We wanted to ensure Nomos One could help people track key dates like rent reviews, renewals, variations, commencements, and expiry dates.


At the start of the year, we gained our largest client yet – a major telecommunications company. We used the Dunedin City Council’s summer internship program to hire dozens of law students to help us with onboarding. Our team goes from 10 full time to a mixture of 90 full time and part time staff – we must move offices again!


We move offices yet again, into an office across from Dunedin’s beautiful First Church. We grew a garden on the office balcony, lovingly tended to by some green-thumbed team members.


IFRS 16 becomes effective January 1st, applying to the financial year within which it falls.  We were able to help our clients work toward achieving compliance with the standard through our IFRS 16 reporting module which supports a wide range of lease transactions and events to calculate right-of-use asset and lease liability across portfolios.


Covid-19. We held a trial “work from home” shift, and the next day, New Zealand went into lockdown. Thankfully, the transition was smooth, and we continued working well through the stress of the pandemic.


As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, Nomos One continues navigating lockdown and a hybrid workforce. We have been able to maintain a hybrid work environment since, allowing our team to work from wherever suits them best.


Nomos One celebrates its 10th birthday with a whole day of activities, laughter, and cake. We are so grateful to everyone that has been on this journey with us. 


We are excited to make new connections, meet new people, and forge new partnerships as we continue to develop our product and bring you the future of lease accounting and lease management software.

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