Simplify Lease Management & Lease Accounting with Nomos One

Our versatile lease management and lease accounting software is suitable for all types of assets, including property, vehicles, machinery, printers, laptops, and office equipment.
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IFRS 16 (AASB 16) reporting

To help you achieve compliance.


Eliminates spreadsheets

With one click calculations and reports.


Huge cost savings

You’ll be able to save time, money, and improve the accuracy of your lease management and IFRS 16 (AASB 16) lease accounting processes.


Central repository

Secure cloud access, anytime, anywhere.


Fully supported

Our lease accounting and lease management software comes with unlimited storage, users, accounts, & support.


Easy onboarding

With our dedicated onboarding service, our team will review your entire lease portfolio and customise the software set-up to meet your needs.


Expert assistance

We provide a reliable support team and in-house technical accountants who are dedicated to helping you and your team with training or questions you may have.

Woman holding a laptop with lease accounting software.

Trusted by

With a global customer base spanning industries from retail to aviation, it’s no wonder our lease accounting and lease management software is trusted. Hear what our customers have to say about Nomos One.

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We’re here to do the heavy lifting

With over a decade of industry experience, our lease management software covers and manages many aspects of the lease cycle, enabling customers to easily manage hundreds of leases on one platform.

Our lease accounting software has an integrated IFRS 16 module which was developed through working with the big four auditors and is tested on an ongoing basis against over 1,000 scenarios. This module streamlines manual lease accounting systems and processes and reduces the risk of human error, saving clients significant time and effort, especially at the end of the financial year.

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The complete solution

  • IFRS 16 transition
  • IFRS 16 calculations
  • IFRS 16 reporting
  • Exports to ERP/financial system
  • End to end lease management system
  • Critical date reminders
  • Event tracking
  • Custom fields & reports
  • Unlimited users
  • Multi-currency
  • Personal dashboard
  • Unlimited document storage

Serving a global market

Snapshots of lease accounting in the modern office.

How signing up with us works

Nomos One caters for businesses of many sizes, and can help you streamline your onboarding process with a solution tailored to your lease management and lease accounting needs.

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RSEA Safety Australia

Australia’s largest independent retailer and B2B provider of workwear and safety products

“Nomos One’s lease management software is quick, efficient, easy-to-use and pain free. It’s accurate from an accounting perspective, and the level of support we receive is fantastic. As someone in finance, it has everything you are looking for.” 

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*In exchange for RSEA Safety’s time, compensation was received for this case study interview.