Lease management and lease accounting software

The trusted solution for IFRS 16 compliance

We’ve worked with chartered accountants who live and breathe IFRS 16 to design a world class IFRS 16 compliant module that’s been tested against over 100 scenarios provided by global accounting firms.  Auditors around the globe introduce Nomos One to their clients and we can see why – when it comes to IFRS 16 we have you covered. 

Your end-to-end lease management software

Our intuitive, easy-to-use software with event tracking, automated reminders, custom fields and reports, a personalised dashboard, and compliance wizard will transform the way you manage your property and asset portfolios, saving you time and money.

Capture and manage complex agreements with ease

Unlimited storage, document generator and custom fields and reports make Nomos One the perfect place to store all of your general contracts, easements, grants, resource consents, licences, sub-licenses leases,sub-leases and other agreements.

Discover the benefits of using Nomos One