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nomos one is online leasing and property management software designed to improve efficiency, accuracy and collaboration for landlords, property managers, tenants and their advisors.  By providing a single view of property and lease information, and automating manual tasks, nomos one makes managing commercial property faster and easier than ever before. 



Computer screen showing event reminders for an agreement in nomos one

Event Reminders

nomos one makes sure you never miss an important date again, whether it be a rent review, lease expiry, building warrant of fitness or other important dates across your portfolio.

Our automated events system will send selected users of your system email reminders and system notifications in advance of any due date. Once a notification is received, users can quickly and easily update data, generate documents and record notes against the agreement. 

Laptop showing a custom rent roll report in nomos one


Access a range of template reports or create your own custom reports in seconds. As well as creating your own custom fields for reporting, you can add calculations, groupings, filters and adjust columns. 

Export reports as CSV, EXCEL or PDF, and save your most common reports with their own report name for quick access by you and your team.

Easily generate tenancy schedules, rent rolls, financial reports, portfolio maps, upcoming and overdue events reports and more.

Monitor displaying an event workflow for a lease agreement in nomos one

Compliance Workflow

nomos one creates a bespoke workflow for every event saved against an agreement.

Answer a couple of quick questions, generate or upload a document and the event will be automatically updated for all your team. 

Complete rent reviews, renewals and other events in seconds. 

nomos one records all changes against an event so you can easily see what has happened over the lifetime of an agreement and what is coming in the future.

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What used to take me over an hour, now takes me less than 1 minute.
Tim Wadsworth, Property Manager, Public Trust

Multiple nomos one Accounts

You can create and join as many nomos one accounts as you like. Create accounts for companies, regions and business units. Easily add and remove users to each account to make sure users only access what they should. 

If you are a user on multiple accounts, you can easily switch between an “All Organisations” view and a per-account view, to report and view exactly what you need.


iPad showing multiple organisation accounts in nomos one
Laptop showing custom fields entered in nomos one

Custom Data

We have found that no two customers work in the same way. This is why, with nomos one, you can create your own custom fields in seconds, allowing you to save and report by your own custom information. 

Some great examples of custom fields include business units or regions, financial charges and accounting information, key dates and milestones, reference numbers and internal codes.

Legal Document Generation

nomos one has a range of template documents that make the process of completing leases, rent reviews, renewals, variations and many more events, easy, efficient and fun. 

Select from one of our templates, one of our Partner's documents or upload your own precedents. 

As well as populating your document with 90% of the information automatically, the generator calculates rents, dates and other key terms. Make your own changes to the document online, collaborate with your team and lawyers then save your own version to further increase time savings in the future. 

Monitor showing nomos one's legal document generator

We have had visibility of all upcoming events across our property portfolio, access to documentation when we need it, and our lawyers have been able to keep visibility over our files, ensuring they are up-to-date.

Helen Watson, Financial Controller, Barkers Menswear & Top Shop
Relationship between different user accounts within nomos one

Unlimited User Accounts

nomos one allows you to create unlimited free user accounts for all your team and advisors. Vary the permission levels, email settings and privacy for each user.

Create free accounts for your accountant, financier, valuer and any other stakeholders to eliminate the time and expense wasted chasing documentation, financial information and keeping on top of key events. 

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Monitor showing the dashboard summary of event reminders in nomos one

Personal Dashboard

Your personal dashboard gives you a quick summary of all your upcoming events, work in progress, tasks and favorite reports in a single screen.

A global searchbar allows you to find agreements, documents and other property information across all your accounts in seconds.

Laptop displaying GPS mapping for property locations within nomos one

GPS Mapping

Our software allows you to drag and drop a pin marker to define precise property locations for all your agreements. Zoom in to show small areas like carparks and berths, or zoom out for more general information. 

Users can also input GPS coordinates, and nomos one will mark the correct location automatically. Switch between map and satellite views of the property to quickly identify a location. 

All of your current things you need to deal with are smack-bang there in front of you the minute that you login and you can see where you are at. 
Sarah Smith,  Finance Administrator, South Port
Laptop displaying document storage for agreements in nomos one

Unlimited Document Storage

nomos one allows you to save agreements, photos, plans, emails, documents and any other important files you have against your properties and agreements. 

With unlimited storage, you can ensure all the important information is readily available online in one place for all your staff and key stakeholders to access, saving time and expense chasing documents and information. 

Monitor showing secure browser access for nomos one

Online & Secure Access

nomos one is accessible online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via your web browser.  

Our Oracle database is hosted in world-leading infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services. We have undergone numerous technical and security audits and penetration tests by Governement departments, law firms and large corporate customers. 

You can relax, knowing your data is online, secure and accessible. 

Monitor displaying nomos one's fast & easy-to-follow data entry wizard

Easy, Fast Data Entry

We have made data entry as fast, easy and enjoyable as possible. 

We have an easy-to-follow wizard that guides you through the data-entry process. We have a range of useful tools to speed up the process and improve accuracy, including:

  • Automated dates and rental calculators
  • Drag and drop parties tree with saved Directors & Trustees 
  • Property search
  • Drag and drop document uploads


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