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“Managing a large property portfolio, with documents in the tens of thousands, is made easy with Nomos One. Spark’s property portfolio data (including financial, material terms, and key dates) is now managed in a single centralised system that is accessible 24/7 by our property experts”.


“The process has been easy with the Nomos One team. They have been very helpful with the onboarding of our agreements and their continuing support. They have gone the extra mile in ensuring the database works for our needs.”

“For people that work with many leases like we do, I’d definitely recommend Nomos One. It’s point and click, it’s easy and it’s working really well for us”.

“The idea of consolidating it into a centralised system was overwhelming. The Nomos One team worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition and delivered over and above what was expected.”

“We love the reminders. Because we can set how far in advance we’re notified, it gives us a chance to talk about what we want to do. It’s great for our finance team as well. For them, they rely on Nomos One to remind them about when and what the rent escalators are”.

“The system is user-friendly and intuitive, making the task of inputting leases straightforward. Having easy access to all the lease files, in one place, is already proving to be a real time saver”.


“We originally signed up to Nomos One for its property management functionality, however with the addition of the IFRS 16 module, now it is meeting a double need for us with the advent of new lease accounting standards”.

“The Nomos One team were incredibly helpful. What would have taken an hour is now taking less than one minute”.

“The biggest thing Nomos One brings to us is managing the risk. With Nomos One we can see the tasks that are outstanding, what we need to follow-up, and how many days we’ve got to follow up on it”.

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