Our Story

The team behind the solution

Nomos One serves a global market providing an IFRS 16 compliant Lease Management and Lease Accounting Platform designed for lessees.


The company was founded in Dunedin, New Zealand in 2012 by former lawyer, Jonathan Mirkin. The original product was designed for lawyers to assist them with commercial leasing by reducing the time taken to create and renew a lease, and provision of workflow reminders. As the product matured, revolutionary new technology was incorporated to generate legal documentation, and a platform to provide nominated lease stakeholders with access to their lease documentation anywhere, anytime.

By 2015 market adoption had grown beyond the legal market to include lessors and lessees, with demand from lessees skyrocketing in 2016. This increasing focus on providing for the needs of lessees meant that when the new IFRS 16 standards were announced, Nomos One was extremely well poised and experienced, in a way that few or no other companies were, to provide for the needs of lessees facing IFRS 16 adoption.

Nomos One now have team throughout the world, and physical offices in Sydney, Australia in early 2018, with further expansion planned for the United Kingdom.

Today the company employs in excess of 100 people including an in-house development team, a team of former senior executives who are chartered accountants with IFRS 16 expertise to assist companies seeking to adopt IFRS 16 compliant software – and a customer success team providing on-boarding services and customer support.