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IFRS 16/ASC 842

There's a new lease accounting standard coming, are you ready?


Reduce admin costs by getting it right the first time.


Tailor your lease portfolio reports to fit your way of doing things.


Event Reminders

Complete agreement events on time, in less time.


Custom Data

A solution to fit your portfolio, not the other way round.

Legal Documents

Simplify the collaborative drafting of legal documents.


Unlimited Users

Create accounts for all stakeholders across your portfolio. 

Unlimited Storage

Document repository for your agreements and all related documents.

Personal dashboard

Your personal dashboard presents a summary of upcoming events, set tasks, recently viewed agreements and quick access to each organisation you’ve been invited to. A global search allows you to find agreements, documents and property information instantly.

Unlimited user accounts

We encourage collaboration with stakeholders across your portfolio, which is why we offer unlimited user accounts at no extra cost. With extensive account settings you can grant users access to your whole portfolio, or to individual agreements and you can even set to read only access.

Unlimited document storage

Nomos One provides a complete document repository for all agreements, photos, plans, emails and other important documents. With unlimited storage, the important information you need is readily available online, in one place, so the right people have access, saving valuable time and expense locating documents and information.

Secure access

We have undergone numerous technical and security audits and penetration tests by Government departments, law firms and large corporate customers. You can relax safe in the knowledge that your data is secure and accessible online.

Multiple organisations

You can create and join as many organisations as you like. Keep your portfolio in one place, or split it based on region, company or department. We don’t tell you how to store and report on your portfolio, we leave the decisions to you by providing a flexible, easy-to-use lease management software solution.

Event approvals

Event approvals are an optional process whereby any changes to event data is sent to select users for review. Those users can then accept, reject or suggest changes to the event, facilitating greater communication between key stakeholders without the need for long email chains and additional meetings.

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