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Property software should be easy to use, affordable and flexible.

That is why we created nomos one; online software that makes it easy for property managers to track key events, create tenancy reports and collaborate more efficiently.


Step One: Request a demonstration

To get started, simply request a demonstration to be taken through nomos one by a member of our team. They're a knowledgeable bunch, and will answer any questions you may have.

Once you're happy with what the application offers, you'll be ready to make an account for yourself. Here you can begin populating your account with data.

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Free user profiles in nomos one
Client organisation accounts within nomos one

Step Two: Create client organisations

Once logged in, you can create accounts for each of your clients. Each time you create a new account, the system will ask you for the:

  • Name of the account (e.g. the client's business, entity etc.)
  • Contact information, logo and other client information
  • Plan size based on the number of agreements they have
  • Users for the account, including whether you want to grant the client access
  • Billing information

Most Property Managers will save their own billing information against an account on the basis they will recover the charges from the client. Alternatively, you can load your client’s billing information to have them directly charged for their account.

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Step Three: Load agreements

Each time you create a new client account, you then need to load any existing agreements into the system. As well as lease agreements, you can save licences, easements and sub-leases.

We have created an easy-to-use workflow that makes loading agreements a breeze and ensures you are collecting all the relevant information. 

We also offer data-entry services to help your business on-board to nomos one. Our packages cover training, input of all your agreements and customisation of the system. Contact us at to find out details and pricing.

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Loading property agreements into the nomos one application
nomos one dashboard for event reminders

Step Four: Manage multiple properties and leases with ease

Once you have your agreements loaded, nomos one takes care of all your event reminders, legal compliance and reporting. 

Your client can add additional users to the account for their team, advisors and lawyers. This means whenever you update the system, it automatically updates for your client and their stakeholders—saving everyone time, money and duplication.

Once up and running you will have access to all the nomos one features, which you can explore by clicking the blue link below.

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The switch to the nomos one System has made a real difference; as time is an absolute premium to run a successful property business. 
Marie Scoones, Oakwood Properties