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 nomos one is an online lease software system for law firms to create, track and manage commercial leases, licences and easements.

Eliminate risk of missed lease events, improve firm profitability with improved workflow efficiency and impress clients with complimentary accounts and collaboration.


Lease Event Reminders

nomos one will automatically email your firm and your clients (if you want) ahead of any scheduled lease event including rent reviews, expiries and break clauses. 

Add “followers” to an agreement to manage who in your firm receives email and nomos one reminders for that file.

A personal dashboard shows each of your team what work they have coming up or in progress and any work that is overdue.

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Lease event reminders with the nomos one dashboard
Free complimentary client accounts

Complimentary Client Accounts

nomos one allows you to create complimentary accounts for your clients.

With their free account, your client will automatically receive notifications of upcoming lease events, access to any documents you have created and the ability to create a number of reports for their portfolio showing rental, upcoming events and a range of custom and template reports.

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I now use nomos one to help differentiate my practice, and have successfully won new clients as a result.
Katharine Wesley-Jones, Principal—Wesley-Jones Law

Document Generation

nomos one has a range of template documents that make the process of completing rent reviews, renewals, variations and many more events easy, efficient and fun. 

Select from one of our templates, one of our Partners’ documents or upload your own precedents. 

As well as populating your document with 90% of the information automatically, the generator calculates rental, dates and other key terms. Make your own changes to the document online, collaborate with your team and lawyers then save your own version to further increase time savings in the future. 

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Document generation in nomos one for property events
Delegate and view workloads

Delegation & Work Tracking

With nomos one you can quickly delegate and view upcoming work by user. Manage email and dashboard settings so each user receives reminders for the correct agreements and easily re-assign workload when users get too busy or leave a firm. 

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Compliance Workflow

nomos one creates a bespoke workflow for every event saved against an agreement.

Answer a couple of quick questions, generate or upload a document and the event will be automatically updated for all your team. 

Complete rent reviews, renewals and other events in seconds. 

nomos one records all changes against an event so you can easily see what has happened over the lifetime of an agreement and what is coming in the future.

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Event workflow with change history

Ultimately, it improves our service to clients managing lease documentation.

Wendy Alexander, Legal Executive, Smith and Partners
Agreement data entry

Rapid Agreement Creation

We have made data entry as fast, easy and enjoyable as possible. 

We have an easy-to-follow wizard that guides you through the data-entry process. We have a range of useful tools to speed up the process and improve accuracy, including:

  • automated dates and rental calculators
  • drag-and-drop parties tree with saved Directors and Trustees 
  • Google property search
  • drag-and-drop document uploads
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Cloud security

Online, secure and fast.

Unlike other legal software solutions, we don't try to stop you from working the way you want to. All of our plans include:

  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Support

The system can be accessed online without the need to install any software or servers. We use world-class security and backups so your data is safe always. 

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Case Study: Lowndes Jordan

Hear how this mid-sized commercial firm use nomos one to collaborate with their clients, keep ahead of key dates and improve efficiency within their commercial property practice. 

You can see the full story here: Lowndes Jordan Customer Story