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We believe far too much time is wasted chasing documents, ascertaining the status of a lease and compiling information to create reports and calculations.

nomos one eliminates the waste and duplication from reporting. With your free user account, you can gain access to your clients’ documents, events and financial property information.

Step One: Request a demonstration

To get started, simply request a demonstration to be taken through nomos one by a member of our team. They're a knowledgeable bunch, and will answer any questions you may have.

Once you're happy with what the application offers, you'll be ready to make an account for yourself. Here you can begin populating your account with data.

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Free user profiles in nomos one
Unlimited number of organisation accounts in nomos one

Step Two: Join your clients

Once your profile has been created, you can join an unlimited number of nomos one organisation accounts. 

Joining your clients is as easy as asking them to add your email address to their account. They can specify what level of access they are comfortable with you having.

Whenever you are added to a new account, all the documents, events and financial records will automatically be added to your login.

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Step Three: Access reports, documents and property metrics

As well as documents and key event reminders, you can run a series of template and custom reports for each account to which you are connected, including:

  • Weighted Average Lease Calculations
  • Tenancy Schedules
  • Rent Rolls
  • Upcoming Dates Reports
  • Custom Reports

Save your frequently used reports to eliminate wasted time chasing information from clients and time spent re-creating spreadsheets. 

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Custom Agreement Report in nomos one
Collaborating in nomos one with notes attached to an Agreement

Step Four: Collaborate

To further improve efficiency, you have the ability to comment and upload documents directly into the nomos one system. Whenever you comment or upload anything to the agreement, it will be timestamped and dated showing when you made the note. 

Your client can see your comments and documentation, eliminating the need for back and forward correspondence. 

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