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We believe too much time is wasted chasing clients for tenancy schedules, copies of agreements and other financial information for their property portfolio.

With your free nomos one account, you instantly gain access to documents, reports and key information, saving everyone time, money and hassle.

Step One: Request a demonstration

To get started, simply request a demonstration to be taken through nomos one by a member of our team. They're a knowledgeable bunch, and will answer any questions you may have.

Once you're happy with what the application offers, you'll be ready to make an account for yourself. Here you can begin populating your account with data.

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Free user profiles in nomos one
Unlimited organisation accounts in nomos one

Step Two: Join your clients

Once your profile has been created, you can join an unlimited number of nomos one organisation accounts. 

Joining your clients is as easy as asking them to add your email address to their account. They can specify what level of access they are comfortable with you having.

Whenever you are added to a new account, all the documents, events and financial records will automatically be added to your login.

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Step Three: Access documents & data

For every client that you join in nomos one, you will have access to copies of documents, upcoming events and a series of template and custom reports.

Easily create and save your own custom reports that you use frequently to further improve efficency in your practice. 

All information can be downloaded, saved and exported to PDF, CSV and Excel.

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Custom Agreement Reports in nomos one
Collaborate in nomos one with notes on a Property or Agreement

Step Four: Collaborate

Once you have been added to your clients’ accounts, you can easily update information, save documentation of your own and create notes against a property or agreement. 

Because you are all working in the same system, you can rely on information being accurate and up to date, making work much more efficient for everyone. 


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We have had visibility of all upcoming events across our property portfolio, access to documentation when we need it, and our lawyers have been able to keep visibility over our files, ensuring they are up-to-date.

Helen Watson, Financial Controller, Barkers Menswear