MetService & Nomos One

Perfect for infrastructure

MetService provides comprehensive weather information services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to businesses globally in the energy, media, transport, resources, infrastructure and retail sectors.

MetService is better known as Metraweather outside of New Zealand, as they export their weather insights and solutions to the rest of the world.


Managing around 150 property and asset leases, MetService primarily relied on paper-based systems. With documents filed away in offices around the world, portfolio information was becoming increasingly difficult to find and share.

With Nomos One, MetService moved all of their leases online, ensuring everyone in their team can easily access these documents anytime, anywhere. With unlimited storage in Nomos One, they were also able to store all their photos, plans, documents and other important files in a centralised document repository.

MetService also set up automated event reminders, meaning they’re now more proactive when it comes to managing their lease portfolio.

Benefits & features

Since MetService began using Nomos One, they’ve benefitted from these great features and many more.

Unlimited storage

Barkers use Nomos One to store their leases, lease event documents and correspondence to easily refer back to.

Event reminders

Utilising custom event reminders, Barkers receive notifications of upcoming events well before they’re due.

Unlimited users

Barkers invited their lawyers to Nomos One for full transparency over their lease portfolio.


Legal documents

With our document generator, Barkers have found the drafting and revision of lease documents to be super simple.

The leases I manage are spread around the country in remote areas, the web-based interface easily shows the location of our site leases. The ability to store related site documents, like site plans and photos, completes the package for me. Nomos One staff have been very proactive in seeking my feedback, and are constantly implementing changes to improve the solution.”

Jeremy Lumley | Property Relationships and Project Manager at MetService

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