Our Customer Insights Programme allows our customers to feedback directly to our product team, to help shape our product and service to benefit them fully.

One year since being introduced, our product manager Anna Dickson shares how the programme works, some of the feedback so far, and what’s coming up.

Can you explain your role at Nomos One?

I work in the Product Development team as a Product Manager. I am responsible for delivering a product to market that addresses a market need representing a viable business opportunity. A vital component of the role is to ensure that the product supports the company’s overall strategy and goals.

On a day-to-day basis, I work with customers, designers, engineering, and other internal stakeholders to identify ‘need’ through collaboration. This ‘need’ determines the product solutions, which are added and prioritised on the roadmap. I then work with the Development team to plan and deliver these solutions to customers.

What does the Customer Insights Programme do?

The Customer Insights Programme was created to foster continuous feedback and learning. As a business, we need to understand how customers feel about our product, how they use it, and where it fits in with their processes/other systems. We can start to identify common problems/needs from this learning, which can then be addressed and improved for all customers.

The number of customer calls/communication can fluctuate monthly. However, typically the team and I speak with 6-8 customers per month.

Has any feedback from insights been implemented?

Continuously. Learnings from these sessions are formulating the majority of the work that the team is focussing on today.

How do you keep engaged with customers?

Outside of the Customer Insights Programme, the Product team also runs a quarterly webinar, and we also engage with multiple customers through pilot and beta testing.

What is next for the insights / the Nomos One platform?

The Insights team are about to commence discovery/learning into ‘Agreement variations’. Variations are commonplace in lease, and contractual agreements, and this ability is available in the product today. However, as the accounting standard and customer need evolves, so too must the product.

The goal of these sessions is to understand how customers are dealing with variations today and identify customers’ problem areas and areas of need. These findings will drive product solutions and improvements in this area.

If you’re a Nomos One customer and would like to get involved with our Insights Programme, you can join by emailing insights@nomosone.com.