The team at Nomos has been busy building new relationships with partners and clients all around the globe – most recently in India and Canada.

Head of Training, Rachel Carson and Project Leads, Jessica Hosie-Kora and Monica Soo-Jin Bae traveled to India to spend valuable time with our colleagues at Deloitte, running training sessions in their Kolkata and Mumbai offices.  It was a pleasure to spend time with such a welcoming, talented group of professionals. We look forward to working with them on an ongoing basis.

Head of Onboarding Natasha Hrstich Bull and Project Lead Bryn Jenkins have also been out and about. Most recently they had the pleasure of spending time at the Xplornet Communications offices in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was exceptionally cold while they were there, reaching a chilly -17 degrees, but the team at Xplornet more than made up for it by providing a warm and welcoming environment for Tash and Bryn to support them with their onboarding. We were pleased to hear that Xplornet was very happy with the service Nomos provided, with one of their team saying it was the best customer service they’ve ever received.

Pictured above: Jessica Hosie-Kora, Monica Soo-Jin Bae and Rachel Carson with the team from Deloitte India.

Pictured below: From top left: Bryn (Nomos One), Nicole, Riley, Nirosh (Xplornet) From bottom left: Monika, Bev and Lareina (Xplornet).