We’re inviting our customers to help shape the future of our product and service roadmap.

It’s been a time of growth here at Nomos HQ, we’ve recently launched a new version of our lease accounting calculation engine. This is designed to bring the highest level of assured accuracy to our customers relying on us for their IFRS16 reporting needs.

Following that, we are delighted to announce we are growing our product team.

Great products are created by great teams and we are delighted to be bringing some great expertise into ours.

Anna Dickson – Product Manger
Anna comes to us with a very strong background in B2B SaaS product management, having recently spent three years with Zelis in the UK who provide payroll, HR, and managed services. The largest business of this nature in the UK and counting a third of the FTSE 100 as customers.

Shane Goodwin – Product Designer
Shane brings a wealth of experience in design thinking and customer experience strategy. He joins us after seven years as Head of Experience Design with Jade Software in New Zealand, a business renowned for providing global software development services.

Jerome Ngo – Senior Software Developer
Jerome joins us with an extensive career in enterprise software, that covers digital payments, banking and logistics. The likes of Asian Development Bank, First Performance Global, and CHAMP Cargosystems.

Mitchell Harris – Senior Software Developer
Mitchell has very strong experience in performant architecture and systems, having spent time in E-learning with ITed and most recently in the geospatial world with GPT-IT.

We are very excited to welcome them all into our team and feel we now have the ability to continually deliver upon the needs of our customers. In order to ensure we are working towards meeting those needs we want to engage with our entire customer base, that’s why we’re launching our Customer Insights Programme.

Who is on the Customer Insights Programme?

That’s simple, we are asking all our customers if they want to be included.

Previously we’ve been limited to engage with only a handful of customers to try and understand what product features we should develop so they can have the best possible experience from our platform.

We’ve decided to ramp this up. We will now be engaging with all our customers as much as possible: by sending out surveys, asking for video interviews with our product team, hosting panelled discussions and introducing Beta testing programmes. We plan to be as transparent as possible with our customers in return for honest feedback to help us progress as an organisation.

What’s our mission?

As a Software-As-A-Service company, we must ensure that we are delivering on both our Software and our Service. Our goal is simple, to deliver an efficient platform to our customers which helps them perform better in their job. By setting up this Insights Programme, we’re providing transparency to our customers on how our platform is progressing but also gaining a greater understanding of our customer’s pain-points.

What’s next?

The Insight’s Programme is being launched this month and we will be communicating this to all our customers.

We will then continue to build our product roadmap out and communicate transparently with our customer base.

Our customers can opt-out of the Customer Insight Programme at any time. For more information, you can email insights@nomosone.com.

Thanks for your time and your continued engagement with the Nomos one product team.

Kevin Mansfield
Chief Product Officer