Did you know that only half of the Nomos One team is in the Dunedin office? We’re working remotely across both the North and South Island and Australia, and the UK.

Weeks before the Sydney lockdown, our Chief Revenue Officer, Daniel Rock, managed to take advantage of the Tasman bubble and fly over to the harbour city. There he met his two Australian based team members, both of whom he hired over zoom.

Since the pandemic, it is becoming more common for managers to hire over zoom and manage remotely. One year after forming his remote team, Daniel shares what he’s learnt and what advice he would give other’s looking to manage a remote team.

Tell us about your role at Nomos One.

I’m the Chief Revenue Officer – which is just a fancy way of saying I manage the sales, marketing and account management functions. I do this by surrounding myself with people who know more about their areas of expertise than I do. 

Where is your team based? 

Everywhere! In all seriousness, I have two people in Sydney right now, and that team is likely to grow, and people in Auckland (where I am), Wanaka and Whangarei. 

Did you always plan to have a team so remote? 

Probably not as spread out as it is, but the nature of the functions I look after and the global nature of the business means that it will always be geographically diverse. To be honest, with the way we work now, it is talent first, location second (with some exceptions, when you need to be face to face with people) 

How do you and your team keep the communication going? And how does your team then integrate with the wider Nomos team? 

We use the usual comms tools, slack teams etc. The most important thing tho isn’t the tech, but ensuring that you use them. I have weekly one-on-one with everyone in my team and chat with most of them way more often than that. I try to make our team meetings as social as possible – yes, we cover work stuff, but we don’t get the opportunity to chew the fat in the kitchen, so I try to encourage them to get to know each other better personally.

The wider team can be a challenge, mainly when many of the Nomos team are based in Dunedin, making it easy to feel left out. On a professional basis, we’ve managed to use collaboration tools and work on cross-functional projects pretty successfully.  

What has the biggest challenge managing a remote team? 

Time zones can be a challenge – and reminding the rest of the business that my team in Oz don’t want to start work at 7 am for your 9 am meeting. It isn’t necessarily easy building relationships online with people you haven’t met, but I think we’ve managed this pretty well – when I finally did meet my Sydney team last week, it just felt “normal.”  

What are you enjoying most about managing a remote team? 

I like the different viewpoints we get; having a diversity of thought and location gives you various inputs you might not get if everyone in the same place. There is generally some fun NZ v Eng v Aus banter as well! 

Any further plans to hire more employees in Australia? 

Absolutely! We are currently looking for a Partnerships Manager, but there is likely to be more growth over the next few weeks. Watch this space and check out our careers page. 

Any advice to any other managers looking to hire a remote team? 

Use the tools on hand, and video is your friend. Be accommodating to their time and needs – it can be lonely WFH remotely on your own, so be prepared to be flexible on working arrangements. You need to ensure you are hiring the right people – resilience and autonomy are key – you aren’t there physically, so trust is crucial – and if you give trust unearned, people tend to respond well.