Technical Accounting Specialist

Job Title: Technical Accounting Specialist
Reports to: Head of Technical Accounting
Works directly with: Accounting Team, Customer Support Team, Product, Marketing & Development Team

Job Purpose: You will be joining a newly formed team of accountants that provides first-class lease accounting and lease management software to a global market. You will be responsible for providing technical accounting support to both internal and external stakeholders of the business.

Nomos One

Nomos One provides market-leading lease management and lease accounting SaaS platform. We are a fast-growing company with a head office in Dunedin, New Zealand and we have remote workers across New Zealand and Australia. We serve a global market with software that enables centralised, digitized and automated efficiency in core asset procurement.

Technical Accounting Specialist overview

As a result of this years’ rapid growth, there is now a need for more technical accounting resources to support our organisation. Accounting knowledge is crucial to support our customers but also the Nomos One team.

This is no ordinary Accounting role. You will be supporting customers, working with our product team on product development, and training the wider team on accounting and IFRS 16 basics. This role helps bridge the gap between our customers and the growth of our product.

Description of Duties

  • Providing technical accounting support to our customers
  • Understanding the business environment our customers operate in, providing internal stakeholders context about accounting processes and reporting
  • Providing technical accounting understanding, including analysis of financial outputs,  to our product and development team in order to test and refine our product
  • Working with our customer support team to provide the understanding and training specific to IFRS 16 and general accounting practices
  • Respecting and supporting all internal teams, including Sales, Support, Customer Services, Finance, Marketing and Management teams.


  • Minimum of 4 years’ accounting experience (Assurance experience preferable)
  • Bachelor’s (3 years) degree majoring in Accounting
  • CA or CPAor equivalent qualification
  • Knowledge of IFRS 16, lease accounting or lease management preferable


With “Technical Accounting Specialist” as the subject line, please send your CV and cover letter to