On-Boarding & Support

hit the ground running with our on-boarding service and excellent ongoing support

On-boarding your portfolio

Our on-boarding team helps clients of all sizes, portfolios with a handful of leases through to international portfolios containing thousands of agreements.

As well as leases, we have populated Nomos One with a number of different agreement types, including; sub-leases, licences, easements, resource consents, grants, bonds, general contracts and more.

Our team

We employ a large team of trainee lawyers, university students and industry professionals who work closely with you to review, populate and complete a final review of your portfolio documents and information within Nomos One.

They are all experts in Nomos One and are well suited to populate complex portfolios to our high standards of efficiency and accuracy.

We want to ensure you’re always making the most of Nomos One, which is why we offer ongoing support every step of the way…

  • During the initial set-up of your account, your team is invited to participate in interactive training webinars customised for your organisation.
  • Schedule live webinars for new staff or refresh your knowledge with pre-recorded webinars
  • As we constantly improve Nomos One, we offer complimentary training for new feature releases

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