get ahead of the game with greater visibility over portfolio events

Event tracking

With Nomos One, you’ll have 20/20 visibility of your portfolio. Nomos One comfortably tracks key events such as dates for rent reviews, renewals, variations, commencements and expiries.

You can even create custom events allowing you a simple way to track uncommon lease details such as periodic building inspections and repainting dates, ensuring you have access to a complete timeline of agreement events.

Event notifications

Our automated event notifications ensure your team is always on top of your portfolio. Simply set-up email notifications to let relevant people in your team know about upcoming action items. 

Pick and choose how long in advance you wish to have a notification arrive in your inbox. Customise the timeframe for each notification, ensuring you’ve got plenty of time for back-and-forth when drafting an agreement.

Event quick-links

Each notification email gives a secure link directly to the event that needs to be actioned, where you can easily update data, generate documents and complete events across your agreements.

When a notification reaches your inbox, our quick-link means you can be in Nomos One working on the upcoming lease event in seconds.

Event timeline

Nomos One’s event timeline provides you with a clean, simple view of the life of each agreement, navigate through to view historical changes and peek into the future to see what the expected impact is to your portfolio. Make smarter business decisions by having the full picture.

Intuitive, easy-to-use lease management software designed to transform the way you manage your corporate, retail, and industrial, property and asset portfolios.


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