Contract Management

Manage all your organisation’s contracts in one place

Capture and manage complex agreements with ease

Nomos One is a complete contract management software solution for the management of general contracts, easements, grants, resource consents, licences, sub-licenses leases,sub-leases and other agreements. Here’s just some of Nomos One’s contract management features:

Online document repository
Document generator

Custom data fields
World class security
Unlimited users

Highly configurable
Unlimited storage

Document repository

We’ve built a highly configurable system that allows you to capture and manage complex agreements with ease.

All accounts come with unlimited document storage, making them the perfect place to save copies of legal documents, correspondence, reports, plans, photos and more.

Because our software is cloud-based, you can easily access your information securely, anytime, anywhere.

Critical date reminders

Automated event reminders ensure you never miss critical dates.

Configure how far in advance you need reminders and they can be sent to your email and your own Nomos One personal dashboard for easy action.

Flexible reporting & custom fields

You can set up your own custom data fields to ensure you capture relevant data for each contract.

Create text fields, dates, numbers and more to suit the contracts you are managing. Then create bespoke reports to interact with your portfolio in an intuitive way.

Document generator 

Our document generator takes key information saved about a lease and creates bespoke lease documents and other templates in seconds.

Templates include critical leasing documents such as agreement to lease, rent review and variation, deed of rent review, deed of renewal and so many more.

Lease accounting IFRS 16 module

The IFRS 16 module supports all three transition approaches and automatically calculates right-of-use assets and lease liability across your portfolio.

We make it easy to generate draft balance sheets, depreciation and interest schedules and journals and export them to your general ledger.

“It used to be that there was a spreadsheet and a whole lot of folders that were really quite confusing, and that was it. There was no system. We’d end up being blindsided by things that were going on.

We love the reminders. Because we can set how far in advance we’re notified, it gives us a chance to talk about what we want to do. It’s great for our finance team as well. For them, they rely on Nomos One to remind them about when and what the rent escalators are.

I’m very happy to recommend Nomos One. It gives you a real strategic advantage that helps make informed business decision about our portfolio. We find it to be great value, really useful and our processes have definitely improved as a result.”

Sonia Lee
Legal and Compliance Manager
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