Five Ways To Escape Paperwork in Commercial Property
By Justin Stott on 08 March 2017

If you own, manage or lease commercial property, you will be familiar with the large quantities of paper that is required for communication and transaction between commercial property stakeholders. Just think how much paperwork you have collected this year alone whilst working with property managers, tenants, banks, valuers, contractors, designers, and your local council. 

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Prepare your Commercial Property for the Holiday Season
By Justin Stott on 20 December 2016

Christmas holidays can be a great time to get away and relax with friends and family. To ensure you can remain stress free whilst on leave, it is worthwhile ensuring that you have systems and procedures in place to ensure that your commercial property/tenants can manage without you. Here are 10 key items that you might like to consider before you hit the beach :

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Top Tips to Maximise Profit when Selling a Commercial Property
By Justin Stott on 02 August 2016

If you invest in commercial property you may have heard the saying ‘you make your money when you buy ’. The concept behind this is that at the outset, you should seek to purchase at below market value, so that even better gains will be realised in the future.

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How to Select and Manage Commercial Property Contractors
By Justin Stott on 22 July 2016

Whether you own, manage or lease commercial property, having a strong, effective network of property contractors is vital.

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How to Compare Residential and Commercial Property Investment
By Justin Stott on 05 July 2016

If you already have a residential property portfolio and are looking to make the jump to commercial property investment, you will want to understand how these two activities compare.

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Do you really need property management software ?
By Justin Stott on 29 June 2016

If you own, lease or manage commercial property, you’ll have some kind of system to manage your portfolio. Property management software has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years - with intuitive cloud based systems growing rapidly. But some property owners still prefer traditional paper based systems, or use excel spreadsheets. It’s all a matter of personal preference of course, but there are some key aspects to consider to determine if property management software is right for you.

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