Nomos One at a Glance

Overview of product features now and in the future

What We’re Working On

Financial Reporting

Visibility into all operational and IFRS aspects of the lease portfolio.

Payment Management

Oversee, streamline and automate your payments workflow.

Lease Management

All the tools you need to manage leases in bulk and at scale.

Q4 2021 – Launched in Beta

Disclosure and Financial Statements Report (Beta)

Full redesign of financial reporting

Advanced Filtering

Fine-grain control to configure reports and filter to get the data you need.

Agreement Balances and Journal Report

Full redesign of financial reporting

UX Redesign

We’re revamping the entire user interface, starting with reporting.

Product Analytics

Better insight into the product through robust internal analytics will enable smarter development and targeted improvements.

Q1–Q3 2022

Chronological Journals

Lock past periods so that any changes are reflected only in your current reporting period.

Agreement Variations

Improvement to managing the varying of agreements.

Payments Data Format

Further customer experience evolution.

Performance Enhancements

Infrastructure improvements that will dramatically improve loading and processing times.


User experience redesign.

Lease Management Reporting

Create reports that include exactly the data you need, organised how you want it.

Activity Reporting

Support your internal and external audit process with specifically tailored Activity reports.

Agreement Management

Redesign of the agreement management workflow.

User Management

Extensive roles and permissions customisation.

Portfolio Management

Overview and intuitive management of your portfolio grouped as needed.

Bulk Onboarding

Better experience and workflow for bulk document onboarding.

Q4 2022

Report Scheduling

Automate reports to run whenever you need them.

Reporting Drilldown

Dive into the details of each row in a report, seeing exactly how the totals were reached.

The timeframes and projects noted on the Product Roadmap are works in progress and are subject to change.  

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