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Nomos One is the lease management and lease accounting platform that’s designed for lessees.

Nomos One is your complete solution for the management and reporting of leases, sub-leases, licenses, sub-licenses, easements, grants, resource consents, general consents, and contracts of any kind.
Whether you have 5 or 5,000 or more agreements – Nomos One is designed for you.

Perfect for property, equipment, vehicles – and assets of any shape or size.

Referred by auditors and IFRS 16 experts

Auditors around the globe refer their clients to us.

Cloud based with top notch security

Tier 3 security – the same security used in internet banking.

Unlimited almost everything

Unlimited users, custom fields, reports, storage, data & support.

A solution that pays for itself

Saves time, improves accuracy and nothing is lost or duplicated.


Intuitive and easy to use software designed specifically for lessees.

Nomos One is a cloud-based lease management and lease accounting software solution where all your important lease information can be stored in one place, with access anywhere, anytime by all your nominated stakeholders.

You benefit from automated calculations, a clear and simple dashboard summarising your portfolio at a glance, remarkable customisation functionality, and reports for your auditors that are completed in seconds…and it’s compliant with the latest accounting standard, IFRS 16.

IFRS 16 Module

Large audit firms around the globe are referring their clients to Nomos One, and it’s easy to see why.

The unique IFRS 16 wizard walks you through IFRS 16 compliance so you can be certain that nothing is overlooked. With the read-only auditor access, your auditor can now review your portfolio with your permission, without disrupting your business.

The module provides a full range of transition methods, allows you to view relevant IFRS 16 journals at any stage, and generate the reports you need from historic and forecasted end-to-end reports, through to a full portfolio summary.

Managing a large property portfolio, with documents in the tens of thousands, is made easy with Nomos One. Spark’s property portfolio data (including financial, material terms, and key dates) is now managed in a single centralised system that is accessible 24/7 by our property experts.

Kelly Bunyan
Spark, New Zealand

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