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“Managing a large property portfolio, with documents in the tens of thousands, is made easy with Nomos One. Spark’s property portfolio data (including financial, material terms, and key dates) is now managed in a single centralised system that is accessible 24/7 by our property experts.

Our documentation was spread across several business units and external consultants. The idea of consolidating it into a centralised system was overwhelming. The Nomos One team worked tirelessly to ensure a seamless transition and delivered over and above what was expected.”

Kelly Bunyan
Senior Legal Counsel (Property)
Spark New Zealand

“With Nomos One, we have great visibility and insight across our lease portfolio. The system is highly intuitive and has saved our team significant time, money and stress.

We were very impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail throughout the onboarding and review process. The Nomos One team took time to understand exactly how our portfolio was structured, what information was important to capture and then ensured the system was tailored to suit our needs.

Even within the first couple of months using Nomos One, the system identified major cost saving opportunities for our business which paid for the system many times over. The highly automated system has helped us reduce our risk profile and work more efficiently.”

ASX 20 listed financial services company

“Nomos One provides a one-stop shop for all site lease information, and the automated reminders mean key dates are not missed. Nomos One solves the challenge of managing our leases and ensures key information is accessible across our organisation.

The ability to store related site documents, such as site plans and photos, completes the package for me.” 

Jeremy Lumley
Property Relationships and Project Manager

“Before Nomos One we had everything on a spreadsheet and that spreadsheet could be opened up and edited by a number of people, which is not ideal when there’s two, three or even four versions operating around the company. It was becoming very hard to work out what was current and what wasn’t.

We were excited to see all of our lease information, including scanned documents, upcoming events and reports loaded into the system. For us, this has meant we have had visibility of all upcoming events across our portfolio, access to documentation when we need it, and [our lawyers] have been able to keep visibility over our files, ensuring they are up-to-date.” 

Helen Watson
Financial Controller

“It used to be that there was a spreadsheet and a whole lot of folders that were really quite confusing, and that was it. There was no system. We’d end up being blindsided by things that were going on.

We love the reminders. Because we can set how far in advance we’re notified, it gives us a chance to talk about what we want to do. It’s great for our finance team as well. For them, they rely on Nomos One to remind them about when and what the rent escalators are.

I’m very happy to recommend Nomos One. It gives you a real strategic advantage that helps make informed business decision about our portfolio. We find it to be great value, really useful and our processes have definitely improved as a result.”

Sonia Lee
Legal and Compliance Manager
Only About Children

“We realised we faced the typical curse of spreadsheets, pieces of paper and leases held all over the place. It was all rather fragmented, and with that came duplication of effort and a little bit of confusion.

With Nomos One, I now know where i’m going to put portfolio information, and where to go to extract it. We’ve added in plans, pictures and documents so it’s all stored in one place. The on-boarding process helped put our mind at ease, and the team has been excellent at giving us great support ever since.

For people that work with many leases like we do, i’d definitely recommend Nomos One. It’s point and click, it’s easy and it’s working really well for us.”

Jason Smith
Managing Director
H&J Smith

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