Frequently Asked Questions

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What is so special about Nomos One?

Nomos One is an all-in-one solution for your lease management, lease accounting and contract management.

How many users can I invite?

A: Under our pricing model, we offer unlimited users for everyone.

Can I store as much data as I want?

A: We allow our customers to store unlimited data in our cloud-based platform.

What are the training and support capabilities of Nomos One?

A: Nomos One provides unlimited free training to new and existing users, with support available through email, phone and webinars.

Does Nomos One facilitate forecasting?

A: Yes we do. We even offer functionality to tailor the forecasting.

What is the reporting capability of Nomos One?

A: Nomos One offers custom reporting, financial forecasting, payment reports, and IFRS 16 reporting.

What is the fee structure?

A: Our sales team will work with you to determine your monthly fees. Let’s just say that the fee structure is extremely competitive, and is something that sets us apart from our peers.

Where do you store your data? Is it secure?

A: Client data is hosted by Amazon Web Services in Sydney, and backed up in Melbourne. There is a full system back-up at the end of the day and data is also encrypted for further protection. We provide Tier 3 security level – the highest level of security possible. Our software is also subject to Pen testing, and we have all necessary procedures in place in case of catastrophe.

Can I set up different authority levels?

A: We will assist you to establish approval levels as part of the client onboarding process you will work through with your dedicated relationship manager and project team. Different approval levels can be set up for different entities, and or business units. Approvals can be sequential or simultaneous.

Most of our clients elect to have an optional bypass due to the fact that there is a complete audit trail. Therefore, if anyone bypasses a control this would be evident.

What is the minimum subscription period?

A: We do a monthly subscription, but it’s possible for clients to opt for a longer period.

Does Nomos One integrate with other systems?

A: We do integrate with a few systems, with further integrations being built in V5 which is due for release in mid to late 2018.

Can Nomos One integrate with other databases for FX or CPI?

A: Not at the moment, but this functionality will be available from mid 2018.

Can I create fictitious leases for forecasting with Nomos One?

A: This can be done by creating leases and electing not to have the leases included in IFRS 16 reporting.

Does Nomos One do tax accounting?

A: We intentionally stay away from this as there are different jurisdictions that we are covering, and it is not only difficult to cover this but it is also risky.

Can Eliminations be captured in the system?

A: Yes. Further eliminations will be provided for by end of June 2018.

Is single sign on available with Nomos One?

A: Single sign on will be coming to Nomos One soon.

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