Legal Documents

an efficient way to collaborate on legal documents from draft to completion

Document templates

We’ve developed a world-leading document generator. It empowers you to create legal documents from templates within Nomos One in about 10% of the time it would take using other systems. These online agreements were created in collaboration with a panel of property and asset law experts, to make sure they are legally sound.

Choose from a list of pre-constructed templates, including critical leasing documents such as;

  • Agreement to Lease
  • Rent Review and Variation
  • Deed of Rent Review
  • Deed of Renewal
  • and so many more.

Document generator

Our document generator pre-populates information automatically from the original agreement that was loaded into Nomos One, eliminating 90% of drafting time while improving accuracy.

Custom precedents

Create custom precedents to add or remove sections of the document to match what you’re accustomed to. Smart references mean changes to a clause reference automatically updates every instance it is mentioned in the document.

Smarter collaboration

Nomos One enables collaboration, eliminating document duplication through a centralised document generator and configurable event approvals to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

Ensure every voice is heard with unlimited users and customisable permission settings at no extra cost.

Intuitive, easy-to-use lease management software designed to transform the way you manage your corporate, retail, and industrial, property and asset portfolios.

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