Custom Data

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Custom fields

Don’t spend your valuable time hunting through agreements for the information you’re looking for. Custom fields allow you to store non-standard information about agreements within your portfolio.

With custom fields you can be sure that the information you want is at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. You’ll find that custom fields are only limited by your imagination.

Custom reports

Custom fields are a flexible way to record important clauses, make note of key dates and capture external information that relates to the agreement. You can then add custom fields to reports and documents to further streamline your business.

With custom reports in Nomos One, you’re in full control of what makes the final cut. Whether you’re looking to build a KPI report, custom events report or anything in between, custom reports can make it happen.

How you make the most of custom fields will depend on your industry and what you want to report on. Some great uses include:

  • Property earthquake rating
  • Serial numbers of high-value assets
  • Security codes for locked doors/gates
  • Holdover conditions
  • Right of first refusal terms
  • Tenant maintenance requirements
  • Unique site codes

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