Barkers Menswear

The Company

Barkers set up shop in 1972 with a store called Raymond’s, located on Auckland’s High Street. Nowadays they trade in 27 different locations from Auckland to Dunedin, and hold a reputation in the apparel industry for delivering high quality, stylish clothing. 


The Problem

In the past, Barkers had relied on multiple spreadsheets and a cacophony of manual systems to track their lease portfolio. Lease events were manually entered into their calendars so they weren’t neglected, property documents were stored in filing cabinets which made accessing them off-site impossible, and keeping the portfolio spreadsheet up-to-date was an uphill battle.

“Before nomos one we had everything on a spreadsheet and that spreadsheet could be opened up and edited by a number of people. It’s not ideal when there’s two, three or even four versions operating around the company. It was becoming very hard to work out what was current and what wasn’t.”

The Solution

Since putting their portfolio in nomos one, Barkers have their property documents all in one place and easily accessible any time, anywhere. With nomos one, everyone that needs to access the information can access it simultaneously, which has meant no more hold-ups when updating their lease portfolio. With automated email reminders, gone are the days where Barkers had to manually input lease events into their calendar lest they be forgotten. 
Barkers also invited their lawyers to nomos one, affording them plenty of time to work together and prepare for any upcoming changes to agreements. Through this collaborative effort on nomos one, Barkers supporting documentation is always accurate and legally sound. Having the portfolio in one place and easy to update has meant Barkers has saved countless staff hours on duplication of effort and hunting for documents.

“We were excited to see all of our lease information, including scanned documents, upcoming events and reports loaded into the system. For us, this has meant we have had visibility of all upcoming events across our portfolio, access to documentation when we need it, and [our lawyers] have been able to keep visibility over our files, ensuring they are up-to-date.”

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